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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Same same but different different ( One pants, two ways!)

Hello there!

Today I wanted to show you how I style one of my fave pants, the side stripe pants two ways.

I had these pants for a while now and I cannot believe they have not made it to the blog yet.  One time I wore it back home, and my Father in law asked me if I just came back from the gym. I am still not sure if he was serious or just teasing me. Anyway, the pants are super comfy but they really can look like gym pants.

 I style them like this to run errands on the week end:

Denim shirt - Aeon,  Japan
Pants - Max,  India
Shoes - Pratunam market,  Thailand
African prints bangles -  Sandaga market,  Senegal

These bangles were gifted to me by a vendor in Sandaga market  after I bought a lot of stuff from his shop

Mud on my shoes after walking under the rain 

But when I wanted to look nicer for a lunch with friends, I went like that:

Lace scarf - H&M
Crochet shirt - D-mart
Pants - Max
Shoes - Walmart (super old)
Ring -  H&M

Buttons at the back

Crochet yoke and cuffs 

These shoes were bought in 2008. They certainly one of the oldest shoes I own 

It is actually very easy to style these pants. For a casual look, just thrown on some tee and sneakers; but for a fab one, add an elegant blouse and pumps. But I wonder if I can push the envelope further and wear them with dresses?
What do you think?

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