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Friday, August 14, 2015

DIY Draped faux wrap skirt

Hello everyone!

 I have been away from my sewing machine for weeks and I really miss it. So today I decided to go back to making clothes. I have to confess that I almost gave up after being uninspired. Thankfully I always keep pictures of all the things I plan on making always handy ( Thank you Pinterest).  I went back to it and found several pictures of skirts in Leopard print. I was torn between circle skirt and maxi pencil skirt. I dug my left over fabric from my "studio"  and found out that it was long enough for a maxi pencil skirt which would be easier to style than a short circle skirt. But at the last moment I went for a draped pencil long skirt for I am getting a tad obsessed with them (read more about it here.)  I knew that my material was not as perfect as Jersey for draping but I wanted to just try.

The left over material must have been around 2 meters.  I wrapped it around my waist to see how I would drape it. I struggled with the draping a bit because I was not sure  of what I wanted. If I tried a " tulip"  wrap,  the pleats were pouffy and made my hips wider. Plus the hem was going to be shorter. Finally I tried draping it like Indian women drape their Sarees. I started pleating the left over fabric in the middle,  pinned everything and saw over it to put it in place.

Draping ideas 

Once done,  I had to make a waistband for the skirt to mask all the ugly stitches (lol). Believe it or not, I cut a waistband from an old maternity pants and sew it on top. VoilĂ  !

Turban- Fidak fair in Dakar,
Glittered cardigan -  thrifted
Tank top -  Dmart
Skirt -  I made it
Shoes -  Busy Bee in Koregaon Park

The nude wedges from Busy Bee

Bejeweled red turban

What do you think of the result? I kind of like it.  It makes me feel kind of sexy. In fact it makes me feel too sexy and self conscious. On top of that I am not even sure how to style it. Sure I tried here but I think I will need much more courage to wear it outside of the house.

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