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Friday, May 9, 2014

New dress!

Growing up,  I used to be known as the girl who always wore jeans. But now I am happy to report that I morphed into a girl who (almost) always wear dresses. I still love jeans but I can never pass a good maxi dress. I found this one during a trip back home. I went to the market looking for Wax or African printed fabrics and with the left over money I purchased two maxi dresses. Not knowing what they really go for back home, I am sure I was cheated but both at 800 rps, it was still a steal. I really enjoy this one because it is very airy, the print is ladylike and the pleats in front are feminine. I broke it for our last day stopover at Dubai.

Ah, Dubai! What to say? I am thinking that three days are not enough to sight see, shop and catch up with my best friend. Although I managed to do two out of three in three days. The Mall of Emirates was less overwhelming this time, and I did enjoy checking my fave brands that I missed like H&M and Forever 21. I did not buy a single thing there because I was on a hunt for specific items they did not have ( like a canari yellow blazer).  But I did enjoy the shops displays and overall ambiance. I checked several other brands and found good articles. I ended up buying a snake skin peep toe pump ( not on the list but really perfect for my feet) a Zara imitation shopper's bag that come with a matching clutch, a sleeve less blazer and orange pants. 

Seriously, I think we are overdue for a proper visit to Dubai. I am not sure as to when but once the tickets are booked, I will be on a saving spree so that I can enjoy a proper shopping spree in here.

Cuff earrings - Love these but I need new ones that fit better

Blazer - Max
Dress - Sandaga market
Shoes - Lifestyle
Cuff earrings - M.G. road

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