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Friday, May 23, 2014

Killing spree

Hello there! How are you all?
I am not doing as well as I want to. In fact I have been boiling and no, it is not the heat. I blame it on India. There are some days, things do not work out quite well and I feel like screaming. It could be an unreliable maid, the crazy traffic ( and never ending honking) or that person trying to jump the line at the counter. I know I may sound a tad entitled but believe me when I tell you that it is always the little things that get to you. Some days ( like the last few) it can be so bad, I swear if I had a gun, you would hear about me on the evening news. Sigh! 

But what can't be cured must be endured. So I am trying to let it go and pray for better days or try to find something that makes me happy ( or keeps me sane)

Thankfully, I have a few things that make me happy: stitching new dresses at home, going to the movies with the kids ( can't wait for X-Men to be out), watching British crime dramas on YouTube and reruns of Sex and the city, celebrity gossip sites
( laughed my butt off at Catergate memes) and this colorful dress.

I cannot believe that this dress has not made it into the blog yet. And for good reason, it is only the 4th time I am wearing it in 5 years The first two times was for a birthday party and to run to the bank ( I was 7 months pregnant), the third time for a lunch at some friends' place and today to watch my kid's play at school. This dress could be the best dress: it is not tight, has a great cut, the vibrant colors that compliment each others, and the fact that it does not require ironing. Yet I do not wear it often maybe because I feel that it is too fancy for a school run or just my ordinary life ( like the five or more other dresses that are still confined to my closet since I bought them). Moreover, the halter neckline makes it tricky to layer. I tried with a tee here but maybe a jacket would have been better.
What you think?

Dress - Charming Charlie
Pants - H&M
Bag - Can't remember
Cuff - Moroccan booth at Africa Fiesta 2011
Shoes - Sole to Soul

Let us talk out these shoes too. I bought them on impulse last Summer. I was attracted to the vibrant blue color and the wedges. But I barely wear them ( only twice so far). Interestingly the day I decide to rock them, the fail me. The ankle strap thingy on one of the shoes detached itself while I was chasing my son. I was walking around with one ankle strap wedge and one wedge sandal. How silly! Now I am wondering whether to fix them or just remove the strap on the other shoe and have brand new shoes. Truth be told, I could not care less because it is not the kind of shoes I would die for ( aka wear it non stop for a while) with or without straps. I think I am going to fix them though; ankle straps are cuter...

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