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Sunday, May 4, 2014

It' s got to be....perfect!

I have been beaten by a bug lately: the sewing bug. I watch endless tutorials on the Net ( way easier than being tutored by my teacher), and try to reproduce them. It did make a Kimono last week. Then I proceed to make a collar less jacket but got stuck at the sleeves. It is hard but so much fun. And I am bursting with new ideas. I want to raid a fabric shop so much but I have decided to use my clothes that are too tight or that I don't like anymore, to make alterations. A person once told me that the easier way to learn how to sew is to start with alterations.
Yesterday, I grew restless because I wanted to make myself a blue maxi dress. I had the fabric in hand but it is not a flattering blue ( who knew Royal blue was not my color). The alternative would have been to add a yoke  in a different color or print. So I went ramaging through my closet looking for old tees. I found one but also dug up a skirt in green print that I have never worn for it was too tight. I noticed there were some darts inside and I removed them. Still too tight. Then I remembered I had a dress in a similar fabric that was also too tight. I decided to alter both to make myself a new dress that was not tight. 

I started by cutting the top part of the dress just below the belt. It was a bit tight at the sides so I removed the thread and use the extra seam allowance to add some width on both sides. I had a now more loose top. Then I cute the top of the skirt just below the zipper. The width of the skirt did not match the width of the top, therefore I took in an extra two inches if the skirt. Then I proceed to attach both part, by putting the top wrong side, upside down inside the skirt one the right side. And voila!

It is fairly easy but it took me almost 6 hours to make. First of all my machine was acting up so I stitch by hand the sides of the top. Then I gathered the skirt a bit but it did not work. Finally, when I tried attaching the two parts, I messed up twice, stitching on the wrong sides. There were times I swore at the machine, and other times I was boiling with frustration. But I when I finished and tried the thing on, I could not stop twirling around ( in front of weird looks from my hubby and kids). I cannot wait to wear this dress. I am happy of the overall results even though the prints do not line up. Let me tell you that you feel empowered when you know how to make things by yourself. I go the mall, look at clothes and think: " No need to buy, I am going to make it!". Now if only I had all the time in the world.

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