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Friday, August 8, 2014

Leopard print simple blazer

They say if you love something, buy it in two. I love my polka dots blazer bought less than a year ago at Max. It comes in a soft lightweight fabric which means that it is perfect for layering in Summer. Back when I bought it, the store carried another version in leopard that was really cute. But for some reasons I could not let myself buy two blazers that day. I chose the polka dot because it would have been easier to style than the leopard one. And made a mental note to purchase the leopard one a few weeks later. But when I went back to the store it was sold out. I have been looking for a leopard blazer for a while now but saw nothing that interested me.
Yesterday I went fabric shopping for my business and I spotted a really nice leopard fabric. I bought 3 meters thinking that I could make a maxi dress. At home, I played with the fabric a bit thinking about all the things I could make instead of a maxi dress (I am getting a tad bored with them) : jumpsuit? Not sure I am confident enough to pull it off and wear it. Pants? I already have one. A dress shirt? Yes! That could work. But wait a minute, a blazer would get more use.

So there I was on a Sunday afternoon between reheating lunch for the kids and preparing for Iftar, cutting and sewing the blazer. It actually took me more time because as always I mess up ( finished it the following Tuesday). I used this tutorial found on Youtube that looks super easy. I was glad to realize that sewing the sleeves before closing the sides is much easier than sewing them on a finished garment. For a touch of fun, I addded a pink collar and cuffs. And voila?
What do you think?

Leopard blazer - Did it myself
Tee - Gap
Jeans - super old
Shoes -  thrifted

I wore it today for a school run and felt pretty comfy. My kids complimented me on it (they want me to start making them clothes now...) and my Mom friends could not believe I sew it. I have to admit that I was pretty proud of myself once I was done. But now, the more I look at it, the more it ressembles a robe some go go dancer would wear after her show. Is it just me, or there is something about pink and leopard put together that screams hoochie? Maybe the material is too light and needs lining. Or maybe it is ill-fitting. I am not sure. One thing I know is that I love the fabric and I am dying to get more of it. Maybe next time I will make a kimono or kaftan out if it!

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