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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jaipur ( day 3 and 4)

Every time I wake up in my hotel room, I cannot help but feel happy because it is truly a beauty. The grounds around the room leave me breathless and I cannot help but take pictures after pictures. As a wannabe fashion designer I find our hotel to be excessively inspiring. Actually I find the entire city of Jaipur to be inspiring from the architecture,  the vibrant hues,  the locals. Everything makes me want to reach for my sketch book and draw collections after collections.

Pool area

Dancing girl painting 

Garden View 

Painted ceilings in the bar area next to the pool

Day 3 in Jaipur was spent in Amber fort at the outskirts of the city.  The fort was perched high on a hill that could be reached either by walking,  elephant ride or car. Thankfully our driver took us all the way to the top.  The fort itself is imposing with barricades similr to the wall of China running around it for miles. Inside the f our t has a huge court, two or three main building harbouring what used to be bath, latrines,  audience hall, chambers.  There is nothing inside except beautiful mazed gardens and carved ceilings.  The day was hot but we took our time visiting the place,  resting and drinking a lot of water between areas. 
Anyway after the fort, our driver took us to a shop where they sell textiles.  We were not to buy but I got to witness how block printing was done. I was so excited that I wanted to try.  But the professional would never have let me ruin his craft. The entire time I was watching him work,  my husband was busy listening to the manager of the place explaining his business.   I have to give it to the Rajhastanis,  they sure know how to sell. 

Before returning to the hotel for nap time,  we had refreshing lassis.  The kids enjoyed the pool in the afternoon and we had early diner at a local restaurant.  Since everyone was feeling better we ordered Thali.  Let us just say that we had better and cheaper Thali.  The restaurant called Natraj was old and you could feel it.  Plus upon paying outrageous taxes,  they still beg for service charges. Unbelievable! Needless to say that we will not eat there again.  I am very disappointed  that I could not get to sample real Rajhastani food due to my stomach and poor choice of restaurant.  But life is not perfect.

Outside Court

Beautiful carvings

Gardens inside Amber Fort

Day 4 
We rested all morning at the hotel. I was waiting to hear from a guide I was referred to by another tourist so that he could take us to see Elephants but he never called me. After another lunch at the hotel, we headed to Nagrah Fort. It was way up high in the outskirts of the city but near Amber Fort.  We had a 360 degree view of the city of Jaipur. We took several pictures and enjoyed drinks.  During our drive down to the city,  we spotted several wild peacocks.  I always thought peacocks were domestic animals so I was blown away to see them in the wild.  Some of them even flew when we attempted to take pictures.  
As we wanted to have a good night rest before our road trip back to Delhi the following morning,  we ordered take away from Handi,  an Indian restaurant.  We had some chicken rolls which was simple but delicious.  The following day was also the first day of Ramadan so a good meal was in order. 

View of Jaipur from Nagrah Fort

We left Jaipur happy to have visited.  It was an interesting trip with a few ups ( Taj Mahal, sightseeing, our hotel in Jaipur, shopping) and a few downs ( hecklers, our lazy driver,  the kids and I getting sick). But at the end it was worth it. I wanted to share more pictures but between my husband and I we took over 500 pictures.  India has so many beautiful places and I hope to see them all before we leave.

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