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5 things to do in Goa

Just before school started again,  we went down to Goa for a few days.  I did not think we would have fun because of the rain but we did.  That is why I am sharing 5 things I enjoyed doing in there while it rained:


You would think that after 10 hours on the road,  I would be fed up with driving (or being driven). But a two hour drive to Palolem beach just reminded me how much I love just driving.  Plus the scenery was beautiful: luscious greens,  colorful houses,  even the tumultuous river was a sight not to miss.  Plus listening to the radio made it so fun. Which brings me to my number two.

2-Listening to Indigo radio

I actually  discovered this radio on my 1st trip to Goa and urged the hubby to check it out.  He loved it and said that it reminded him of the radio in the US.  They have all the latest hits but also some good oldies like How will I know from Witney Houston or Pray by Take that.  I just wished I could have this radio in Pune as well.

3- Eat

If you go to Goa you got to eat well.  And their selection of international  food makes it so easy to indulge.  We love Goan food but we also enjoy other cuisines.  On this trip most of the joints we wanted to hit were closed for the monsoon, but we got to discover new ones like Fat fish and Cafe Délicieux.  The fish Thali we ate at Fat Fish was succulent.  I am not big on seafood but I was licking my mussels and sucking my crab legs till the last drop.  I could not stop.  And I could not remember the last time I enjoyed seafood.  My husband said that if it was any indication of how good coastal food is,  we should try to go to kerela.
Cafe Délicieux  was a surprise.  I could not believe how cheap everything was.  Plus it was good. The dessert selection was a bit of traditional and bit innovative. The sandwiches were great and came with a refreshing salad.  I just wished we stayed longer because they have these huge velvety couches that are perfect for lounging. Actually I wished I had such a nice place to hang in Pune.

4-Stroll on the beach

Well duh! It is Goa.  You may want to swim but I would not recommend it during Monsoon.  The waves are high and strong,  they may drown you.  So a nice little stroll is in order. The sand is wet from the rain but still feels nice under the toes. If you are lucky,  you may see the skies clearing up and enjoy the light peeking through the clouds.  Is it peaceful.

5- Visit old Goa

Old Goa is an area in the city with old buildings dating back to the 15th century. They have old churches and Unesco World heritage sites.  They provide a peaceful and nice shelter from the rain and many Instagram opportunities.

There are plenty of others things to do in Goa like shopping but for a short trip and under the crazy rain,  I was glad of what we did.  I hope I get to go back to Goa.  It is really a nice place for vacations with or without rain.

I leave you with what I wore on the way to, in and out of Goa.  To learn more about what to wear on road trips, read this.

Outfit 1:
Golden jumper -  thrifted
Camo top -  People
Cargo pants - Shimamura 
Sneakers - shoe store in Ishikawacho
Bag - shop in Pink City

Outfit 2:
Open cardigan - M. G. road
Jumpsuit - Brandbox
Jellies - M. G. road

Outfit 3:
Scarf -  Big Bazaar
Dress - gift
Pants - H&M

And pictures of the food:

Fish thali at Fat Fish

Eggplant Toastie and... 

Rocher praliné (sorry had to bite it) at Cafe Delicieux


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