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Friday, July 20, 2012

Mutant X

Still alive under this heat? Me? I am melting! But apparently fat does not melt as fast as I thought it would so I am still alive.

Anyway, today I went over to visit a Japanese friend who recently had a baby. I wore this:

White scarf - Walmart
Black dolman cardigan - Shimamura
Neon pink dress - H&M
Jeans - Ross
Shoes - $9.99 store in Harwin
Bag and sunglasses - Daiso

Necklace - Gift

I recently had a post in my other blog about the little perfect dresses that I so covet. They are easy to style and easy to wear (require no ironing and such). Well, this dress would have been the perfect dress if only it was not in neon pink. I mean, really what was I thinking when I got that thing? I remember that months ago, I was telling to a Mom friend whose daughter was wearing a neon pink dress that I would never dare wear such a thing at my age. We had a good laugh reminiscing all the neon clothes we wore in our teens (neon leggings and bicycle shorts anyone?). Now here I am with a neon dress that I like but every time I wear it I feel sorry for all the people that cross my way. I have the feeling that I am blinding them. Actually I feel like Cyclops from the Xmen who was killing with his red beam of a gaze.

But hey, what can I do? Except try to tone it down with a dark cardigan.

Anyway I had a great time with my Japanese friend. Her husband is black so she has the cutest mixed raced kids. Her older boy was playing with mine while I was drooling over her new baby daughter. A truly blessed family whom I am wishing the best.

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