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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fading (Old favorites)

I had a crazy fun week.  Since my kids are out of school, I have to do things to entertain them. My idea of entertainment is to take them to the nearest park or to the pool one day and rest the other. But I always get invited to do something and I find myself out almost every single day. I do not want to complain because back when I was living in the States I so longed to be a social butterfly (lol). But now, there are some days I just want to lie down and do not move. 
Anyway, today was not one of those days as I had to go out with the kiddies again. Comfort trumps fashion in my book so I went for old favorites here:

Scarf - Jerusalem Halal meat shop
Top - Gap
Skirt -Gift from Hubby
Shoes - $9.99 shoes store in Harwin
Accessories - Joa and Sandaga market

Yep Just one picture, did not have time for much more

The top and skirt are older than my sons. I think they must have each 8 and 6 years of age (or longer). The top was a purchase at Gap Harajuku (now the shop is in a different location). They also had it in orange if I remember correctly but I chose the fuchsia. This top followed me on almost all my trips to tropical locations because for me it personifies Summer. Moreover it has longer sleeves than my usual summer tops so no need to layer to be covered up. I only wished that its color did not fade.
The skirt was one of the first thing my husband bought me when we moved to the States. I think it was either a bit before my son was born or soon after. Needless to say that come Summer I like to wear it. And as the top, its colors are fading as well. But it is such a beautiful and comfortable skirt that I wore it twice this week already.

Do you have items in your closet that are old but that you still love to wear even if the colors are fading?

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