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Monday, July 16, 2012

For rainy days

It rains a lot in Japan. In fact it rains enough for rain not be a factor in everyday life. In Japan, even a typhoon would not stop people from going to work or out.
Coming from a country where people will not put a feet outside their doors even for slight rain, living in Japan was a bit challenging a first. But I overcame the challenge. Hell, I even became a pro at mastering being covered under the rain by riding my bicycle with one hand while grabbing an umbrella in another.
Because it rains so much, Japanese people know how to get ready in case of rain. And some ladies do it in such style, it is hard not to admire them. Here is what they arm themselves with:

A Trench:
You all know about my love of trench coat. I would die for the perfect one. Apparently in Japan, it is also the article of choice once it rains. Many ladies would adorn one in the beige color. And the brand of choice is Burberry when you can afford it.

Trench coat available at Free's mart for less than 10.000Y

Poncho style short trench coat available at Rakuten for 3800Y

A Rain Coat:
Everywhere you go in Japan, you can find rain coats. The ones at your convenient stores are probably not the most stylish-they just look like plastic bags. But in many department stores and boutiques, they offer a wide array of stylish rain coats. My favorite, a blue rain coat with white dots or a blue raincoat with stripes. However, I often find them a bit overpriced. My favorite ones will set me back 4000Yen at Shimamura (and that is the cheapest I could find). How crazy is that?

Rain Boots:
When I returned to Japan a year ago, I had to have rain boots because I kept seeing them everywhere in town. I finally got my pair for 2000Y but I wished I had waited a while, because mine are cute (pink with geometrical patterns in white) but they are more for teens than an adult women who pretends that she is stylish. Had I waited I would have gone for these following looks: jockey style rain boots, rain boots with heels, rain boots with more subtle style. I really like the jockey style rain boots and they are so well made they look like real leather boots. They are overpriced as well and as a Welsh friend of mine pointed out, paying 5000Yen or more for a pair of "Wellington" boots is just crazy.

Two toned jockey style rain boots available at Nissen or Rakuten for less than 5000Y

An alternative to rain boots that I also fancy (as much as Japanese ladies) are flat rubber shoes. It is the trend nowadays and every self respecting stay at home mother has one or two. I have to admit that these are not the jelly sandals you used to wear when you were five. No! These come with cute details that will brighten you up even on rainy days.

Melissa Campana Zig Zag shoes or knock off at every Zakka store (Don Quijote for starters)

Japanese people do not own one umbrella but several. After living here for a while, you will probably collect them as well. Most of them will be in vinyl available at every convenient stores. But more than usual, you will invest in a very good and sturdy umbrella in a nice design that will survive a typhoon. The latest trend is Wafu or Japanese style.

Yamato Modern Japanese Style Umbrella for 4980Y
Knock offs are cheaper at every Zakka shop ( a shop where you find small things needed for everyday life like plates, pens, notebooks and such)

There are other rain goods that will make your life easier in Japan from  the animal shaped pouch where you can keep your foldable umbrella to the water proof spray that will prevent your clothes to get wet. In fact, rain brings an important business to Japan. And the wide array of rain goods available only shows the high adaptation skills of Japanese people to all kinds of weather.

How do you brace the rain where you at?

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