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Monday, May 14, 2012

Up in the air!

As I am typing this, it is 7:30 AM in Houston. I am still jet lagged from the trip and the hours difference between Japan and Houston but I am getting there.

My trip was OK. It started off with my sweet friend Ko dropping me and the kiddies off to Haneda airport, and ended almost 24 hours later with us landing in Houston. I wanted to be comfy yet stylish so here is what I wore:


(So sorry! With the trip, I forgot to click a proper picture but here is a snap of what I wore!)

Fedora hat - Fremantle market in Perth Australia
Beige cardigan - Walmart
Striped shirt - H&M
Jeans - Ross
Red bag - Thrifted (Don Don Down)
Pumps - Vincci Malaysia (changed to H&M flats on the flight)

I had this fedora hat for ages (since 2004 to be exact) but I rarely wear it. My friend Ko gave me compliments on it. I rarely wear it because it is kinda of big for my head. Actually I only remember to wear it when I take my braids out and my hair is kind of pouffy. The volume helps keep the hat in place.

As much as I love my hat and the rest of my outfit, I was very disappointed with the pumps. It was the first time I was wearing them, and they had big scratch on them. And the scratches kept on coming and coming. I just realize that they were poorly made. I had great expectations for them when I bought them back in December in Mayalsia. But now they will have to go and I am on a hunt for another great pair of beige pumps.

Before boarding in Haneda, my friend Ko took us to this lovely Japanese restaurant inside the airport that serves Udon (Japanese thick noodle). I ordered a bowl of creamy spicy roe Udon for me and a simple one with Agedoufu for the kids and some extra sushi rolls.

Creamy Udon bowl

The food was exquisite and as much as I loved my creamy udon (that tastes more like a creamy pasta) the simple udon soup- the one the kids ate- had so much more flavor in it. The restaurant was not cheap but the food experience made it worth it.

We left Ko and her adorable daughter after eating and boarded our long flight to LAX where upon arrival, I indulged in Reeses peanut butter chocolate and In Style magazine. 10 hours later, we arrived in a barely woken up Houston that have not changed much since the last time we left. I am really happy to be back. I did love this city after all but I realize that I love it better now that I am not living in it. Get what I mean?

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