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Monday, May 28, 2012

Sayonara parties

As the International schools are closing their doors for Summer in Japan, Sayonara (Farewell) parties are booming. Many expats who have stayed in Japan over the past years find themselves leaving for other horizons or to go back home. Yokohama is not left behind and this week only I attended two Sayonara parties for three ladies.
Here is what I wore for the 1st party:

Fedora hat - Fremantle market Perth Australia
Oversize sweater dress - Shimamura
Jeans - Ross
Shoes - H&M

This sweater dress is the comfiest thing I own now. I bought it two days ago. Life was kicking my butt and I needed retail therapy. I went to Shimamura actually looking for cardigans but found this jewel and another similar one in white and blue on sale for 700Yen each. If you know me, you know I cannot resist a good striped top (or dress for that matter). I actually owned a similar top but it was a bit tight and I have been looking all over for a piece that would be big enough. And I could not beleive my luck after finding two.
My first sayonara party was great. I had lots of fun talking and eating. It was a potluck party so all of us brought something. I made beef Gyoza (or Japanese dumplings/ meatpies). Most of the guests were French so for the entire time I was eating in French cuisine (even though there was no quiche my favorite). I left the party so exhausted (who knew talking and eating was a sport?) afterwards that I did not even want to attend the other Sayonara party on the following day.
But I did and here is what I wore:

Scarf - Daiso 100yen store
Cardigan - Ross
Eyelet top - Walmart
Skirt - Thrifted
Shoes - $9.99 shoe store in Harwin

I wanted to wear a dress or a skirt today because the weather was nice. I opted for this skirt I thrifted a while back. It is a wrap around and actually it is a bit small at the waist so the skirt does not really wrap around my body. But I still decided to buy it. I paired it with this top I love so much but for some reasons makes me look pregnant. For the shoes I was debating. I had so many great options but I finally went for these because they are comfy and colorful. Actually I have a similar pair like this that I left at home. Those shoes were my go to shoes when I was pregnant 3 years ago. I wore them everywhere and the colors made me happy. They are badly beat up that is why I had to get another one like them. And I did back in Houston (although the colors are slightly different) I know nothing matches in this outfit but I do not care.

The party was great. It was another potluck so it had so much food from all over: Japan, Indian, Thai...The ladies there were also much more dressed up wearing cute printed wrap around dresses with kitten heels. I felt a bit casual but I did not get the memo that we had to dress up. Besides I was different. I just realised that I do not dress up like any other person on the planet. I may have the same item as you but there is no way I will wear it the same way you will. I am different, maybe not in the quirky, crazy, bold kind of way but.... And I like it. I am becoming my own when it comes to style and I like it. 

People are leaving, new people are coming. That is the eternal cycle of the life of the expat. That is also the beauty of it because we enjoy our life better, doing more things, getting to know people more because we know our life as an expat in a particular place is limited. I guess we should try to see our life this way more often, even if we are not expats. Only then, will we care more, laugh more and let go of bad things more. Don't you think?

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