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Monday, May 28, 2012

Flowers today, showers tomorrow

I had a nice time this week end. I had some people over for lunch Sunday and we talked, ate and laughed a lot. I always say that I hate having people over because I am lazy to cook and clean (Cooking the Senegalese way takes forever by the way so you get my point). However I am always happy when they are here and wished they could stay more...

Anyway, it is getting hot so now I am pulling out all outfits that are comfy and light like this jumpsuit.

Scarf - Jerusalem Halal Meat
Tee - Shimamura
Jumpsuit - Shimamura
Shoes - $9.99 shoe store in Harwin
Bag - Daiso 100 Yen store

I always forget how comfy this jumpsuit is. It may not be the most flattering but truly when it comes to heat, I could not care less. If I could walk around naked I would. But since I cannot, this thing I am wearing is pretty much close. And I got this tee just last saturday. I realised that I only owned one white tee. I had to go get myself another one because white tee are what I need the most in Summer to wear underneath my non -sleeves tunics, dresses and jumpsuits. I got two at Shimamura and may go back to get two in black.

I snag this bag for 210 Yen at the Daiso last week. I wanted a nice bag that could hold my swimsuit and towel (I go swimming every week) and I found it. But it is so cute, I may use it daily. It is perfect for Summer, the beach, the park...Actually I just realised that I have a cuter looking weaved bag but it is so big and not comfy at all that I barely use.

It is going to rain a lot this week. So I can say that today may have been our last sun-shiny day for a while. I am not a big fan of the rain but I will have to deal with it until the heat comes......Not a fan of that either but I would rather be hot than cold.....

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