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Creole Remix


It has been a while. I am not even sure as to why since I have not been that busy with work or life. This year is quickly passing by. I can hardly remember what I did in January but it must have been easy breezy. February was hard due to illness in my family. And March was my Happy month because friends and family welcomed four baby girls. I was so psyched.

We are in April now, and Easter is approaching (this week end). Catholic families will start preparing this millet porridge with peanut butter sauce called Ngalakh that they will give to their Muslim friends. My Mother has already received hers from two neighbors last week; And I spend the entire weekend eating the velvety sweet and rich porridge. If you know me, you know I love peanut butter. My favorite chocolate is Reeses. If I was not afraid of dying of diabetes or my skin breaking out, I would eat tons of Ngalakh and Reeses.

Anyway, here is today's look. Nothing new here, just me remixing my second go- to- uniform of maxi skirt and top. If you remember, I had a similar look for Summer last year called Green Creole. And what do you know? My coworkers called me Creole as soon as I walked in the office. I think it is the way I tied the scarf or maybe the earrings. Actually, we call hoops earrings creole around these parts.

Scarf - thrifted, Saturday Market
Top - some random shop in Petersen market
Skirt - Sandaga Market
Earrings - Niary Tally Market
Shoes - locally made, Sandaga Market
Bag - Borrowed from my Mother

But what is a "Creole" you ask? Google defines it as " a person of mixed African and European race, who lives in the West Indies and speaks a creole language". Yet, in my country, what we call creole is a language, a mix of Portuguese and local languages. My Mother speaks creole. I do not, but I have been around enough people who speak it, to have picked up a few words such as  "give me a kiss" (ba moin en tib o) and "shut up" (kala boca), very important words. People from the South of Senegal and people from Cabo Verde Islands speak it.
I also searched what creole women wear online. I found out that it is very close to today's outfit. They often adorn printed (plaid) maxi skirt with a matching scarf and a white off shoulder top with ruffles. Maybe I will try wearing the skirt with a white off shoulder top next time.

According to my co-workers this outfit is very sexy. I found it ironic because I am covered from head to toe (well almost). I think it is because the skirt comes with a tie that cinched my waist. Plus the dark color of the top is slimming. Truth be told, I rarely wear something that cinches my waist. And it makes a big difference because it is all about proportion when you dress your body accordingly to your shape. Since I am bigger, I always assume that wearing baggy clothes can camouflage all the extra pounds. But it is the contrary. By cinching the smallest part of my body, I actually look smaller. I guess I have learned my lesson now, and will tuck my tops inside more, or add a belt from time to time.

It was an outfit that was easy to style, comfortable and modest. It also made me so happy, I thought I would share it with you. 


Close up


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