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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Palazzo or Trying something new

I admit it : I do not like change. I am perfectly happy in my comfort zone. I am confident in my routine. Yet,  I get bored easily so from time to time I like to try something new or do something different. It may be trying some new food, going somewhere unexpected. But the easiest change for me is to take a chance on clothing, which is what I did a couple of months ago.

It was bargain time and I was looking for clothes to score that I absolutely needed. I found a pastel pink cotton trousers that have been on my list for ages. But since it was "buy one get one for free" at the store,  I went looking for another thing to get. I spotted  a cute pinkish color Paisley maxi skirt. It is funny because I never really liked Paisley.  I tried them both but the pants were a tad too tight for comfort. The reasonable thing to do was to abandon both items because I definitely did not need another maxi skirt. But I kept the skirt and spotted a printed palazzo pants at the last minute. I went home with both items.

Truth is I always wanted to try palazzo pants. But unfortunately every time I wore them in dressing rooms, they never did anything for my figure. They made my hips and butt wider than they already were.  So I never went near them again. I just put them on the list of clothes I shall never wear like one shoulder dresses.  But this one was beautiful on me and did not make me feel like a giant whale. Interestingly, I was so happy that these palazzo pants worked that  even before wearing them,  I went and bought a scarf printed one several days later. I guess it proves to show that once you let go of your inhibition,  the world can really become your oyster.

Turban - Sandaga market
Blouse/ nighty -  Thrifted
Pants - Max
Clutch -  Sandaga market
Shoes -  Ross
Necklace - gift

Today is the emptieth time I am wearing the palazzo pants. The  first time I tried them, I did not know how to style them. But once I did I was hooked. I wore them non stop for a week. I was actually worried that people might think that it was the only thing in my closet. Today I wore them with heels and a blouse made for the bedroom. I was having a brunch with some friends and just wanted to wear something other than jeans and tee.

 I am not hundred percent happy about how I wore the pants today. I think a shorter top would accentuate the pants more and make me less bulky. Plus the nighty was not suitable for this hot weather. I changed as soon as I got home.

Nevertheless I see more wear out of these pants. Next I want to try them with a white long tunic or dress shirt.

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