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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I wear what I want

Hello my readers! How are you all doing? Can you believe that 2015 is almost over?

Anyway, I was having a friendly exchange on Instagram with a blogger I follow. She posted a throwback picture of her wearing a high and low skirt (or a mullet skirt as she called it), and wished she could still rock it. Then she asked her followers what trends they secretly wished came back. I thought for a second and replied that nothing since I wore what I like whether it was trendy or not.

And it is the entire truth. I guess sometimes I wear things that are much outdated. I refuse to get rid of clothes because their shelf life have expired. I am up for trying new trends but would never give up on something I like too much because a bunch of designers who want to make money decided that it was outdated. No! And here are the reasons why:

Take the high and low skirts, they were popular a few years back. But I did not like them. Still, I decided to try one at Forever 21. I did not like it on me. A few months later, I came across a high and low dress shirt at a different store. I tried it on and it fitted me perfectly. I also liked the cut better. So I purchased it and I have been wearing it ever since. I took a chance on the trend but with a different approach. I went for what worked for me instead of blindingly following the trend.

Scarf - Big bazaar
Fringe kimono - Thrifted
High and low dress shirt - G.U.
Pants - Fbb
Shoes - Sandaga market, Dakar
Watch - gift

Another reason why I keep my outdated clothes is that you could always refashion them. If they are really outdated you could always revamp them with your sewing skills, or style them differently. If they are well made clothes, you can keep them for years with a few alterations here and there.

Furthermore, it is expensive to buy trendy clothes all the time. Every year, designers come up with at least four different collections and brand new trends, which every other high street store will copy en masse and deliver to us. Do I have to renew my wardrobe every season? Who does have time and money for that? Plus, think about the ecological and economical repercussions it has around the world.

On top of that, I do like my clothes. Some of them hold sentimental value and I would not get rid them of them even if they do not fit me anymore. I would frame them or keep them for my future daughters to wear. Maybe that is the hoarder in me talking. But I would love someday to have grand daughters rummaging through my stuff, digging up treasures of clothes, and thinking of new ways to rock them.

 From the moment I could choose what I wanted to wear, I kept on wearing what I wanted: from the baggy pants and sweatshirts of my tomboy days,  the sexy and sheer tops of my college days, and the now more modest clothes. I picked them all. I would accept advice on what not to wear or on how to style a typical outfit but at the end of the day I would wear what I like. And it is easy to tell when I dislike a clothing item because I would never feel comfortable wearing it. And I guess that is what makes my style unique. I am pretty much unlike anybody you will see out there. For some people I may be stylish, other would call me bold and for others I would be completely weird. But that is okay because artists are always misunderstood (see what I did there!)

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