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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Style Challenge

Hello there readers!

 I have some exciting news. I have been asked by an e-commerce menswear company called Bonobos to participate in their Fall Style Challenge along with other bloggers.

The challenge is to style different looks for women that would complement any items from their Fall men's suit line. This is a no brainer because I love Fall: it not too cold, not too hot and you get to layer. Plus I have to say their Fall line is very nice even if I am no expert on men's fashion. They have some pieces I know the hubby would have liked. Who am I kidding, they have some pieces I would have picked for myself (if the price was not too steep).

Anyway, based on the Bonobos Fall lookbook,  I decided to style these following outfits: (and they all come with a story!)

Casual Sunday

Bonobos Tweed Blazer

Pretty in Pastels

It is Sunday. You and your man want to have a lazy day: sleeping in, then going out for brunch at your neighborhood cafe, maybe end up antique shopping. He is dressed relaxed in Jeans and shirt but he adds a little bit of texture with his tweed jacket. You want to match his effortless look with a boyfriend jeans but you up the ante by paring it with a bejeweled sweater, peplum shirt and your favorite trench. The beret makes you feel like such a lady but the grey booties say " you rock, girl!". Well, just because it is Sunday, does not mean you have to let go of your style.

 Lunch date

Bonobos Grey Windowpane Wool Suit 


A man in a nice suit always gives a good impression. Imagine him showing up dressed to a tee in a grey wool suit for your lunch date? Who would not have butterflies? Thanks to this outfit, you will give him butterflies too. The pleated midi skirt with colorful butterfly print says that you are fun, and bold. You pair it with a leather and tweed jacket to keep you warm; and a grey sweater because by now you are comfortable enough in his presence. But the accessories in a soft color palette always remind him that you are foremost a lady and needs to be treated as such. 

Pair Plaid for a party

Bonobos Blackwatch Plaid Tuxedo

Pair Plaid

It is party time. He looks clean and fresh in his plaid Tuxedo and you do not want to be outdone. So what do you do? You find inspiration in the way Carry Bradshaw was dressed as Stanford's best man. You want to be edgy and playful. A sequined jumpsuit paired with a red jacket is the solution. For accessories, go for blue stilettos because metallic ones are so predictable, a studded round clutch and heart shaped earrings. But you are not done: you need a  plaid bow tie that matches the plaid of your man's tux. He finds it super sexy and cannot keep his eyes and his hands off you.

There you have it: three different styles that would compliment any items from Bonobos Fall line. It was fun styling these outfits. I cannot wait to see what the other bloggers will do with the challenge. Stayed tune to learn more as well. Do not forget to check Bonobos for more Fall styles.

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