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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pimp that shirt

The hubby and I cleaned our wardrobe after we moved to India. Among the thing he discarded was this olive green heavy shirt with a faded collar. When I saw it in the throw away pile, I retrieved it thinking that it would make a great jacket or cover up for fall since it is big enough. I wanted to pimp it with studs but I looked everywhere and could not find it. Sequins, yes! Beads, plenty but studs...never heard of it. I was even tempted to buy a studded shirt I saw at the mall and get the studs from there but they were not enough. So I just gave up and decided to use some green glass beads I had for a while. I sew the beads on the collar and the pocket.

And here is the result. What you think? Pretty cool, right? I hear it never gets too cold in Pune, so this shirt will come in handy when the temperature drops. 

All you need is needle, beads, thread, scissors ( optional)

Just saw one bead at the time forming a pattern 

End result

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