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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I hate tailors. Ok, "hate" maybe a strong word, therefore let us just say that I do not like tailors. On one hand they never quite do what you ask of them. This one will make that midi skirt a maxi skirt just because he thinks it is modest, and that one will make that dress tight just because he thinks it will be sexy enough. I mean I need a tailor, not a designer so you can keep your input to the minimum please.
On the other they never respect deadlines. They will tell you come retrieve that dress on Saturday and when you show up, they have not even cut the fabric yet they are taking on new customers. They usually blame it on power cuts but I think it is just pure lazyness.
With all that, you understand why I prefer to shop retail than going to a tailor.
I thought things would change when I came to India. There are many tailors here and they do not ask for crazy prices. But how to decide if they are good enough. After procrastinating for many months, I decided that I needed to give them something to alter first and if I was satisfied with the result, I would move on to more serious business like a dress.
I chose one tailor across the street from my house. I liked it because it was so close. But the location is not that great for it is dirty and reeks of urine. The shop itself is nice and well organised. I met the tailor who barely speaks English and he was not friendly at all. On top of that he lacked vision. He would just look at a garment and say things like it cannot be altered, when I know for a fact it could. Finally he agreed to alter a tunic top that was getting too tight. The job took him two days ( or at least he asked me to come back in two days). And voila the result

Printed tunic - tailored back home and altered in India
Pants - Max
Shoes - Forever 21
Nickname necklace - DIY

The whole thing cost me 120 rupees (less than $2) but I did not like the experience. I would like for a tailor to be good and punctual but he needs to be creative. He needs to look at that jumpsuit and tell me "yes we could turn it into a maxi dress but you will need to buy more fabric" instead of " it can't be done".
I am still on the hunt for a tailor like that, and pray that I find it because there are so many things I want to design....my mood board is bursting....

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