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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fashionably late

I was invited to a party at a lounge not far from my place. I was excited as anyone could be because it was a grown up party meaning no kids allowed. I panicked at first because I did not have a babysitter but a quick chat with my helper solve the issue.
Anyway the party was from 4 to 8 pm. I arrived fashionably late at 4:35 to discover the place half empty. Apparently India is like my home country Senegal, people show late at events. No fuss! I chatted with the people who were there and assessed everyone's style. There was no dress code but people dressed up. It was casual chic. Girls wore figure hugging or babydoll type cocktail dresses with lace, animal prints, floral prints, sequins paired with booties or pumps or platform. The preferred length was above the knee. But some girls showed up wearing Indian Anarkali and gowns. The boys were very casual with some wearing colored denim paired with velvet jackets or crisp white shirt. It was a young crowd so the outfits were trendy, sexy and colorful.
As for myself I went for my Leopard maxi dress with red accents.

Maxi dress - H&M
Shoes - thrifted
Necklace - Fidak fair back in 2002

I did not want to go buy something special as my wardrobe is bursting with dresses I never wore. I chose this dress because it hides my problem areas. Other dresses that I tried could not camouflage my butt and thighs. Moreover most of them being sleeveless, require a jacket, something I did not want to do under this heat. I did struggle with the accessories particularly my scarf. I guess I wanted something in the golden family. Anyway, it just made me realize that my wardrobe is not completely party ready. But that is alright because I party like once a year anyway.

Remind me never to take pics after the party when my make up is ruined by sweat...

Some girls at the party

This girl had the dopest Anarkali but what impressed me were her shoes. 7 inches platform with rhinestones. So cute yet dangerous....

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