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Indonesian Iftar

We are enjoying our time in Dubai. Today is our third day. But we were so tired from yesterday's tour that we barely went out. I took the kids to the hotel pool and they got to go crazy. Even though I was sitting under a parasol, it was so hot on the roof, that I wished I could join them.
Here is what I wore:

Black scarf - Walmart
Sunnies - Daiso
Jellabah - Gift from hubby

I got this dress along with several others as a gift when my husband came back from Mecca last year. The dresses are pretty and comfy but unfortunately I think that only the green one fits me perfectly. I had another one in brown that is a tad short and another one that is way too tight. I think that with a good tailor, the dresses could be altered to fit me. Anyway, I have been wearing the green one around the clock since I arrived in Dubai, particularly to lounge around the hotel room. My hubby also brought his in white and he is wearing them everytime we go out, trying to blend with the local scene.
And that brings me to the local fashion. Dubai being an international city with a foreign population of over 80%, the city is very tolerant. You see foreigners wearing all kinds of clothes. Sometimes at malls, it is the rule for women to cover their shoulders and wear something below the knee. But, many Emirati (local) women I see around town wear black Abaya (Black cloak). Most of the people in the West (and even myself) thought that it is a simple cloak in black but in reality it is more than that. There are several designs and different textures. And the price varies. You can buy a cheap one at the Souk or get an expensive one tailored around town. I really like those Abaya. I am thinking that if I was living here, I would love to get some. I may even try to get one as a souvenir from this place before we head back to Japan. They are so hassle free and comfy, which is exactly what I look for in clothes...

I tried to snap a pic of an Abaya in Dubai Marina (woman on the left). This one has lace sleeves. So cute!

For Iftar (or diner that ends the fast), we were invited by my husband's friend who is Indonesian. He treated us to some very delicious Indonesian food such as Chicken Satay, Chicken noodle soup, potato croquettes, spring rolls and much more. I never had Indonesian food before (apparently dining at a Indonesian restaurant in Japan does not count). But I have to say that it was really really good. We even had some left over for breakfast. During dinner we discussed life in Dubai with my hubby's friend and his family. They gave us an idea of what it is really like to live in Dubai. From outside we all see the glamour and the glitz but it seems that it is not the case for everybody from inside. Not everybody is rich here. Our hosts told us stories of immigrant construction workers who are building this city under the worse conditions ever. And they do not have enough money to bring their families here to stay with them.  It was good to learn that even in Dubai everything that glitters is not gold. As far as I am concerned, I need to come back here for a longer time (10 days at least?) to really enjoy this place.  I also need to spend more time with my girl. I am happy that I got to see her but it was not enough. We need some well deserved girl talks.


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