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Friday, February 24, 2012

Three times in a row

What happened to the beautiful weather we had earlier this week? It freezing cold out, about to snow they say. But I have to go out to run some errands. I want to stay warm but I also want to wear my faux fur gilet. I am hooked on this thing so much that it is the third time this week I am wearing it.

What I am wearing:

Beret - can't remember where I got this one
Faux fur coat - thrifted 390 Mart
Long Blue knit - so old, Sexy Miser
Turtle neck - 390 Mart
Jeans - Ross
Boots - Shimamura

I had this knit for 8 years now. I bought it at this super cheap discount store in Sagamihara (where I used to live in Japan before heading to the States). The place was a cool dump where you could find interesting items for interesting prices. Once I snag some DKNY tops for nothing (and they were real, I checked). When I found this blue knit, I could not resist for I always liked super long cardigans. To top it all, it is very warm. I think I bought the thing for 700Y. And I shall never part with it. Besides it still looks good for a cheap thing. See, department stores and high end boutiques are not the only places where you can find good things. I put my money on discount stores and thrift shops first before I go room in those places. I have done so in the past and so far I have not regretted it yet. And I will keep on doing it. After all I do not call myself cheap for no reason.

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