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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mustard Snow

Do you like Snow?
I do like snow. But only if I can watch it fall, sitting inside a warm and cozy house seeping hot chocolate. You will never see me ski (although I did enjoy skating three times in my life already), you will never see me have snow fights let along build snowmen.
Imagine then my excitement at yesterday's snow. I woke up and it was all white outside. My son said it was Christmas (for him snow equals Christmas). If I could I would not have gone out. But duty called so I bundled up and braced the weather. It was freezing cold outside and heavy snow kept falling on my umbrella. It was so slippery down the hill that I was afraid I would fall and break my neck or worse break my son's neck who was resting on my back. Kids were enjoying the snow, throwing snow balls at each other or gliding. I thought they were just crazy.

Today is slightly better. No snow for starters and it is probably going to be warmer. That is why I decided to wear this:

Knitted hat - (You should be familiar with it by now)
Grandma wrap around cardigan - Thrifted
Dress - Dots
Mustard tights - Shimamura
Boots - Shimamura

I wanted mustard tights for a long time and could not resist them when I saw them on the rack sales of Shimamura. I had them for a while but never dare to break them. They can be pretty daunting. I like the fact that they are opaque and that they can brighten up a dark winter outfit.

However the reviews are mixed. So far my husband does not like them but my son's teacher does. Truth be told, I really do not care. I think I like them and that is all that matter.

Enjoy the melting snow!

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