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Friday, February 17, 2012


I am not a lucky person. Well strike that! I am a very lucky person and I cannot be grateful enough for my blessings. However when it comes to winning a prize, I am the unluckiest person on earth. I could play lotto everyday for the rest of my life and I will not win a single thing. The only time I won something in my life was because my husband switched tickets with me. And as you would have it the ticket he gave me won.

So I was not surprised that I did not win the Ipod touch that was the ultimate prize for the charity bingo of my son's school. My son did win a book of his favorite character so that all that counts. Who needs an I pod touch anyway.

For the crazy bingo time I decided to wear this

Knitted cap - H&M
Infinity scarf - Daiei
Black coat - so old I cannot remember where I bought it
Flower printed cardigan - Walmart
Old navy skirt - thrifted
Leggings - Dots
Boots - ABC mart
Bag - 390 Mart

I felt like it was Spring today. At first the weather was gloomy but before lunch time the sun was out and I wanted to do the same. However the temperatures were still low so I bundled up. Underneath my cardi, I have two layers and my coat is super warm.

I bought these shoes a while back.

I have been lusting on ankle boots with wedges but could never find what I really wanted. I settled for these because I was tired of looking everywhere. The shoes were a bit tight. They killed my feet when I wore them a month ago. I swear there were so tight I could not feel my feet. Today was slightly better. I did walk a mile and more in them without much pain. I did fall but it was because I did not see that there was a hole on the street. A part from the minor accident, I think I am starting to love these shoes.

I cannot wait for Spring to come though. And if the temperatures go higher in the next couple of days, I will consider myself really lucky! Forget bingo!

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