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Monday, December 14, 2015

How to wear a Saree (Saree party bis)

I know! I know! I am probably boring you with all things related to Indian ethnic wear. But I can't help it if I am mesmerized by it. So bear with me just a little bit. It will be over soon.  (or not!)

I attended another Saree party recently. I was not about to go because I was busy. But the host told me that no one ever knew when it would be their last Saree party (In other words, as expats we never know ahead of time when we are about to relocate). Plus a friend wanted me to accompany her as it would have been her first Saree party. 

This time it was at Le Meridien hotel which is a fancier and bigger place than the Hyatt hotel, I think. The hotel is a bit far from where I live reason why I have never been. But it was just beautiful hence many places to take pictures. Even the ladies washroom was gorgeous. There were less women this time and no dancing which gave us an opportunity to just mingle. I met two beautiful ladies from Indonesia with whom I had a lovely chat. And just before leaving I discovered that the husband of one of them works at the same company as mine, and they even enjoy lunches together. How small is this world?

For this Saree party, I already had a Saree waiting.You would think that I would go for it but no! That Saree is way too precious. Plus I did not have a matching blouse. I had other options but in the end I settled for a royal blue Saree with gold embroidery I bought for my business. I tried it around the house a couple of times with a golden and cream Kurta. I wanted to wear it differently, like this below:

Rinku Sobti designs

However, the day of the party, my maid who dresses me would not have it. "It does not look nice, Madame!" She says. Quickly, I went for a fuchsia blouse I had for ages that is long enough to cover all the love handles but short enough to please my maid. She dressed me and my friend and off we went.

My maid "helping" me wear the Saree (to understand the process look at the pictures from left up, going down to right!)

Scarf - do not remember (probably Laxmi road)
Saree - Shivaji market
Blouse - HM
Shoes - Westside
Oversized clutch - Utsav fair
Earrings and necklace - Utsav fair
Bangles - half a gift from Hubby and the other half bought at Chandar Nagar
Ring - Fidak fair, Dakar 

Yes, this was the ladies room!

View from the top!


The look is very different. But the blouse could not stay in place. I had to tuck it in and readjust it from time to time. Maybe I should have pinned it in place like the Saree. I was grateful there was no dancing this time, otherwise my whole outfit would have unraveled. However, I was much more comfortable than the first time. Maybe I am starting to get used to wearing a Saree. Still it takes a lot of time and energy to wear one.
 And I am not sure how Indian women can wear them on the daily basis and even cook, clean, ride bicycles in them. I guess they had a lifetime of practice as opposed to me who just started.

So what do you think?

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