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Team Africa

The Fifa 2014 WorldCup in Brazil started a few days ago. Usually I could not care less about Football or Soccer but the World Cup is different. It happens every four years and involves teams from all over. I grew up watching Soccer. Every Friday, we would watch the French Ligue and every Sunday was for the Italian. And obviously the World Cup was an event. I still remember my Mother screaming when Roger Milla from Cameroon scored against Columbia in 1994. But one of the best memories I had about the World Cup was when Senegal, my home country beat the 98 Champions France at the opening of the 2002 World Cup in Korea. I was in Japan sitting in a room with other Senegalese and foreigner friends when I saw the goal. I never felt such joy. We were so excited that we spent the entire night celebrating. The following day, I was walking home wearing my Senegalese Jersey and Japanese were honking to congratulate me. For the first time since I arrived in Japan I did not have to explain where I was from.

 Senegal went on till the quarter finals where they were eliminated by the Turkish team. I was there at the stadium witnessing history. It was a Saturday, I had an Economics exam the following Monday but my husband, then boyfriend convinced me that we had to travel to Osaka to watch the match. We took the Shinkansen and we did not even have tickets for the game. We were told that once in Osaka, the Senegalese embassy would provide some for free. But upon arriving at the station we met a friend who denied the story. Thankfully we met a Japanese guy who was selling two tickets. We looked for an ATM and gave him the money. That is how we watched the match. Obviously Senegal lost but it was a great experience. After the game, we went to a club I used to go to when I lived in Osaka and had one crazy night. Let us just say that I danced the pain of loosing away. The following morning, after breakfast we caught the first Shinkansen back home.

Fast forward 12 years later, here I am spending sleepless nights watching Soccer again. Today I witnessed the Ivory Coast beating Japan in the eliminatory rounds. I was sure they were going to lose as African teams ( no matter how good they are) tend to disappoint during the World Cup. But they saved the day. I was so happy. I just hope that they will keep it up and go far during this World Cup. But one thing for sure,  this Cup is already interesting with game changing matches. I see more sleepless nights coming...

Shrug - DIM
Tee - Brandmart
Dress ( worn as skirt) - M.G. road
Shoes - Ross
Bag - Thrifted 
Necklace - Sonia Rykiel

Inspired by Ivory Coast win, I decided to try my newly sewn African printed shrug for a brunch at one of our favorite place Shisha Jazz Cafe. I have been working on this shrug based on this tutorial since April. The sleeves were a big issue and I had to redo them several times. I am still not satisfied with them but at least the shrug is more wearable now. I still have to add pockets and the thing will be complete. I am kind of happy with it because it is hassle free. No button, no darts, no zipper. Once I get better at sewing, I will make a more tailored blazer but for now, this is it.

Shisha Jazz Cafe is an Iranian restaurant where you sit bare foot on "carpeted" benches like this one behind me. They serve good food but we like the Masala omelette and the burgers.


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