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Friday, June 13, 2014

Girl talk!

If you are living as an expat,  you know what May, June ( or December) means. It is the time when many people go back to their countries or relocate to different places. It is the time to say goodbye. Usually it means potluck lunches and exchanging gifts, a lot of tears. Thankfully I am spared here because I do not have many friends. I am sad to report that after 18 months in this place, I may have three people I call "friend". And one of them is leaving. To say goodbye we met for breakfast in one of my favorite places: The flour works.  I thought the breakfast would last two hours max but we kept chatting ( mostly bitching about India) until it was almost lunch time. I laughed so hard. I do not remember the last time I had an uninterrupted adult conversation where nothing was taboo. I do chat from time to time with other mothers from school but it is always in a limited time and I have to control what I say. Which is hard because I usually say things without thinking them.

  Truth be told my " friend" is a delight but we never really hanged.  It was the first time we actually shared a meal. I was about to invite her for lunch when she announced that she was leaving. I hate when you make plans to know someone better and they leave. But it's the story of my life because I am apprehensive of people. It is always so hard for me to make new friends. 

Anyway I was supposed to talk about this dress. I cannot believe that it has not made it to the blog yet for it is one of my fave maxi dress ( truth be told, I love all my maxi dresses equally but I am known to pick a favorite every now and then). It has a beautiful ( and a tad sexy)  neckline, the print is gorgeous and it has pockets. To top it off, it was thrifted back in Japan. For me Summers call for cozy dresses like this one. You do not want to fuss when it is so hot.

Dress - 390 Mart
Tee - Brandmart
Earrings - Mariplex week end flea market
Shoes - Recycled 

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