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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pretty Printed Pink

Did I tell you that I was into printed pants lately. Blame it all on the Indian women I see wearing all kinds of printed colorful Dothi (btw is it Dothi or Dhoti?) pants (think Harem pants). I was actually going to purchase Dothi pants or Patiala (those often come with a matching scarf) since they are so comfy but I always chicken out at the last moment. The Dothi pants I want need to have an elastic waist band (they often come with just a string waist and I really do not trust that), and I do not want them hanging extra low (I already have a big butt, I am not willing to accentuate it).

Soch Trendy Dhoti pants available at fashionara.com

With these conditions, I am still looking.

But that did not stop me from breaking these pink printed capri pants that I bought last Winter. They are so bright and I was glad they still fit me. I wish they were a little longer but they are Capri so what did I expect. I think I will try to class them up next time I wear them with a nice blouse and some heels.

Denim shirt - AEon
Pants - H&M
Sandals - Store at Sahara fair 


Thrifted and gifted bracelets

Playing with Henna on my own (should have it done professionally though)
Moreover, I found what I can officially call the comfiest printed pants ever. I was browsing the clothes aisle of my neighborhood grocery store where I found really great stuff (who would have thought?). I came across these pants in funky print. I tried them on and they fit. They were also super cheap (299 rupees). I could not believe it. I took them home and I already wore them two times.

Denim shirt - AEon
Tee - H&M
Pants - Dmart
Shoes - random store in Isezakicho

As much as I love these pants, I am struggling to style them. I came across different options but none satisfied me until I found my denim shirt. My eternal problem is that I want to cover the butt area and what better to do so with blouses and dress shirts. But there should be another way out there. I am not giving up because I really love these pants.

How do you style your printed pants?

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