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Friday, April 20, 2012

These pants!!!

I went crazy a few weeks back and got myself some Irish green leggings type pants. At the store, they seem toned down enough hidden in a myriad of other colorful items. However once I got them home, I became worried. How can I wear Irish green pants? How will I style them?
I do not own anything Irish green. I like my greens to be olive and a little bit khaki, in other words I like my green subtle. So why on earth I went and got Irish green pants? Maybe because I wanted a change? Maybe because I was influenced? Whatever the reason, there I was stuck with green pants I had no idea how to wear.
I decided to google the pants to have an idea of how other people were wearing them. Soon enough I found two pictures of bloggers who rocked the pants with trench coats. They look good but I wanted more. I wrote a fave blogger who loves green about how to style the pants and she said that she was going to get back to me soon.
Anyway, I did not want to wait any longer because those pants are thick, hence suitable for colder weathers. And Spring is already here. So I went and wore the pants with a long shirt, trench coat and my military boots.

Knit hat - H&M
Scarf - gift from Mother in law
Shirt - Thrifted
Trench coat - Thrifted
Bag - Walmart
Pants - H&M
Boots - Shimamura

The pants were perfect for they were as comfy as sweat pants. I could move in them but I was still bothered by the brightness of the color. Maybe the beige green combo was not working as well as I thought it would.
Never wanting to give up, I wore the pants again to run some errands like this:

Blue scarf with beadings - gift from Mother in law
Grey cardigan - Ross
White tee - Walmart
Denim Jumper - Thrifted Don Don Down
Green pants - H&M
Shoes - Random shoe store in Ishikawacho

I loved how I styled these pants here. My jumper dress is so great even if it makes me look pregnant. Actually I am sure it is a maternity dress but I do not care. I think I maybe the only person on earth who purchases maternity dresses only when she is not pregnant. Anyway I felt good in this outfit; the dark blue of the denim dress toned down the green of the pants. They were barely noticeable I think. As I was going to drop my kid off at school, his teacher asked me if I had my colors done for I always know what colors suit me. I was flattered but had to answer no for I have not done it yet. Another mom at the school is doing everyone colors and I have to say that all the ladies who did it look better. Maybe I should jut forget my inhibitions and get styled. Why do I have to loose? At best, I will learn to stay away from pastels and use bright colors and at worst, she will just confirmed the colors I already favor.
Anyway, I am happy with my styling. I just wish I could find something other than my denim dress to match the pants....

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