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Monday, April 9, 2012

Are we there yet? (the end of cold weather I mean...)

I had a fun week with my son out of school for Easter holiday. On Monday, I went on a shopping spree at H&M (mostly for my business), on Wednesday, I organized a picnic at the park with some other mom friends. But Friday was the highlight when I took a trip to the Zoo with my best Japanese girlfriend and our kids. We drove down to Zoorasia, another zoo in Kanagawa area. Unlike Nogeyama which is free and small, Zoorasia is this big park full of interesting animals, lots of playgrounds for the kiddies and plenty of resting areas and restaurants. We spend the entire day there. It was so much fun to discover new animals like the Ocelot, the Clouded leopard, the Okapi and to learn about the life of Chimpanzees.
Anyway I wanted to be simple and comfy as I knew we would walk a lot so I wore this:

White scarf - Walmart
Jacket - Thrifted
Cardigan - Gap
Turtle neck tee - Sexy Miser
Jeans - Thrifted
Shoes - H&M
Bags - Seoul market and Daiso

At one of the Zoo's playground for kids

I wanted to wear this Jacket ever since I thrifted (stole) it last year at my son's school Xmas Bazaar. And since the weather has been so nice lately, I thought the trip to the zoo would be the perfect occasion to break it. Its color reminds me of Safari jackets. Anyway, the weather was nice until 30mns into the park when it became cloudy, cold and raining. I was freezing. And the funny thing is that as soon as we go inside to get cover, the sun comes out. I told my Japanese friend that one of us should be Ame Onna (Rain woman or man- a person who always brings rain where ever they go).

I also adore my H&M shoes. They are the brightest shoes I possess. They look like a neon coral (if that color exists). I was hesitating between wearing them because sometimes they get a bit tight (when I retain too much water), when my son told me that everyone would love my shoes at the Zoo. After hearing that, I had to take them....

Asian Elephant

The Okapi

The sweet chimpanzee Kenji

Forgot the name of this monkey but his fur had so many colours it looked like he was wearing a grey shirt with brown pants

Kangaroos sleeping

I had so much fun at Zoorasia. As a fashion designer wannabe ( a huge stress on the wannabe), I was so inspired by the animals fur and prints. I wanted to get a book and start sketching right away. But as human being, I am a tad puzzled by the idea of the zoo. Some animals we saw were visibly stressed at being caged in confined space and watched, laughed at humans. I could not help but wonder how we humans would feel if we were under the same treatment. Is this animal abuse?
Well, this blog is not really about environment and animal rights, it is about fashion and my style (or lack there of) after all so I am not going to pain you any longer with that debate. Just know that the Zoo was great, my kids had fun and I plan on going there in the future. And if you are around Kanagawa on April 24th, the zoo entrance will be free, so check it out!

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