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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tadaima (I am back)

photo stolen from http://tokyo.metblogs.com/?s=ferris+whee+1+

It has been too long. I spent 4 years away from this marvelous place where I met the greatest people, had the most fun in my adult life: Japan.

Now, I am back; and not exactly where I used to live but in a better place: Yokohama.

Yokohama is such a beautiful place with the sea near by, many parks, shopping malls. There are also many foreigners so the lifestyle is not necessarily Japanese. I used to go to Yokohama to visit my best friend who lived and worked there. On weekends, I would also go for a stroll with the hubby.

I have been back fairly 3 days and I am already in a mood for shopping. I went to one of my favorite place: World Porters to happily realized that things have not changed much. However, a walk around the neighborhood helped me see that they were new additions. I was happy to discover that international shops I so wanted to check but could not in the US were now present in Yokohama. I am thinking about H&M, Kitson and Topshop. As a matter of fact, I already check them all out. H&M was having a crazy sale with items ranging from 300 Yen ($4) to 3000 Yen ($40). I could not resist and bought myself this beautiful and very comfy coral pair of flats (for $22).

H&M Coral ballerina

So far, I have been happy to be back. Walking around the streets of Yokohama is such a delight. I get to see the crazy fashion sense of Japanese girls. It is so inspiring how they dress. And to think that I used to hate it. Now I see it as a form of art. I so want to shop some more for interesting items that I see on the streets. But I was planning to enter a 365 days without shopping contest. The plan was to stay an entire year without shopping in order for me to save money and learn more about myself. However, after a week back in Japan, I have the feeling that it will be hard for me to stick to the challenge. I may have to shop a little bit before I start it just to get the shopping itch out of my system.

1- World Porters: http://www.yim.co.jp/foreign/e_index.html

2- H&M Japan: http://www.hm.com/jp/

Store in Yokohama: Landmark Plaza 1F next to Sakuragicho station

3- Kitson Japan: http://shopkitson.jp/

Store in Yokohama: Colette Mare department store 1F next to Sakuragicho station

4- Topshop Japan

Store in Yokohama: Colette Mare department store 1F next to Sakuragicho station

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