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Friday, July 23, 2010

Daily look: Yokohama Mama

I decided to do a daily look post today. There is nothing special about today. I just went out to buy Yakisoba (fried noodles) for lunch at the Lawson 100 store around the corner. Yet, the reason why I decided to do a daily look post is that I bought new shoes. In an earlier post, I talked about Barbie shoes. I stated that I would never get the plastic high heels. Instead, I would get a flat and comfortable one at a reasonable price. I was not really looking for one but I was lucky enough to find it.
 Yesterday, I went shopping at a different supermarket a little far from my flat. I was surprised to discover that on the second floor of the supermarket, they had a fashion section. I went inside and saw that the prices were really cheap. I did not intend to buy anything until I saw some red peep toe rubber flats. I tried them on and they fit perfectly. I was about to purchase them when I saw the same pair but in beige. I already have patent red peep toe shoes so I went for the beige shoes. And get this: they were only 490 Yen ($6)

Beige peep toe rubber shoes

So I call today's outfit: Yokohama Mama. It was inspired by all the young Japanese mothers I see out there. Some of them are really into young fashion wearing short shorts and tee shirts but some other are on the modest side. I imitated the later with my own twist:

- Green scarf - 100 Yen store
- White tee shirt - Ross
- Black tank top - Factory 2 you
- Tie dye skirt - bought in Japan years ago
- Leggings - Dots
- Rubber shoes -  Paseo Maita store

The outfit is loose and need some definition with maybe a belt and accessories. However it is so freaking hot outside, I do not want to add anything to it. It has been around 36 degrees around town in the last couple days. Sometimes, it is so hot I wish I could walk around naked or at least wear shorts. But....

(it is so hard trying to take a pic with the timer)

So what do you think?

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