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Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak dear readers!

Yesterday, most Muslims around the world got to celebrate Eid el Fitr which marks the end of a month long fasting event called Ramadan. Some celebrated the day before.

In Senegal, it was decided that it would be Friday. As usual there is a lot happening to prepare for the event. First of all, we need to do grocery shopping to get all essentials to prepare a feast fit for kings and queens. For some reasons, we always eat barbecue meat or chicken on Eid. My christian cousins from my Mother's side of the family come over to help out. We do more talking than cooking though. That is why we sometimes end up eating past 3 PM.

 The men go to attend the prayer at the Mosque by 9 AM, all decked in their best outfit: A type of Sherwani outfit made of a long tunic and pants either in Bazin or cotton fabric. Once they are back, we exchange wishes. Some neighbors also drop over on their way back from the Mosque to wish us a happy Eid. Often we serve them Lakh, a wheat porridge with yogurt or Ngalax, a wheat porridge with peanut butter sauce.

In the afternoon, when everybody has dined well, women and men get ready. They clean up themselves and dressed in their best attire to go visit family and friends. In reality, it is to go show off their attire. The trend for men this year has been this heavily embroidered three pieces suit made of pants, a long tunic and a Kaftan. It is all so regal. I ain't going to lie, I even want one but with a skirt instead of pants. Women usually go for Senegalese outfits, which is either a peplum top and dress, an Empire waist style maxi dress, or a tight fitted dress. The outfits are often decorated in embroidery or some other kind of embellishments. On top of that, they are made in all kinds of fabrics available: Silk, Shantoum, Bazin, Cotton,  Eyelet. This year also the trend centered around off shoulder, ruffles and bell sleeves.

As for myself, tired of always being caught off guard when there is a special event like a wedding (Last wedding I attended, I stole my Mom's dress), I decided to make myself many outfits for Eid. I scored some nice fabrics at the market and with some friends, and took them to my tailor. The guy is good at what he does but he lacks focus, reason why he always miss the mark. I always have to go back for him to make alterations. It is never 100% perfect. But he is so cheap and close by so I keep on going back to him. Anyway, I ended up with four outfits that he made. Two will be good for work or simple events and the other two, I can rock for a special event. Then ten days before Eid, I went to the market HLM to score some embellishments for an outfit, and found two other potential Eid outfits on sale. They were slightly used but I had to score them for their quality and prices were far too attractive to pass on. Finally the day before Eid, a family member who is a designer, surprised me with yet another fantastic outfit. I was overjoyed.

With all these choices, I decided to go with this outfit:

Tie dye Fabric - from Mauritania, bought from a colleague
Floral Embellishment - from HLM market
Off shoulder kaftan and wrap around skirt - Tailor made

I scored the fabric back in March from a colleague. It is a two pieces bazin in pastel pink and green tie dye with a matching salmon fabric. If you know me, you know I cannot resist a tie dye print. I chose this one because it reminded me of another tie dye outfit I had but in green and white. I have to admit, I never knew how truly beautiful the fabric was until I wore it yesterday. It is glistening for some reasons.

I chose the design of the dress at the very last minute because with so many styles available, I always find it hard to make a choice. But I was satisfied with the end result. I felt at ease in it. Moreover, even if I gain weight, I can still rock it unlike last year's outfit. Yes, I cannot fit in last year's Eid outfit skirt which was tight to begin with. I tell you, these tailors do not listen when you tell them what you want. They prefer to make you an outfit based on the year's trend. Well, let us just say that I hate mermaid skirt for a reason now.

Anyway, I wore the outfit, made up my face and took some pictures with the girls in my family who also step up.

The cousins and the sister in law

With my sister in law

The funniest part is that I did not even go out of my house. I took pictures, undressed and went to bed. I wanted to go out but thinking about the expensive taxi prices, I stayed home. I am getting too old for this. But since it is a long weekend, I will have ample time to visit family and friends today and tomorrow.

Bracelet: HLM market
Ring: Sandaga market
Shoes: random shop next to my house

So, how was your Eid?

If you want to see how Senegalese rocked it on the special day, check the hashtag #SunuselfieKorite on Twitter and Instagram. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.


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