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Monday, June 19, 2017

Ramadan Lethargy

Hello dears.

How are you?

And for those fasting, how is your Ramadan so far?

We are in the last week of Ramadan and I am feeling great. I cannot complain.

However I could not help but notice a certain lethargy that has engulfed the town and the people living in it. since the beginning of Ramadan. For starters people go to work later than usual because they are still trying to catch some sleep between the time they eat and pray in the morning and the time they go to work. It is harder particularly for women who wake up early to cook something for their families. Even when you get organized and cook something the night before going to bed, you still have to get up earlier to heat it up. And most women I know are not content on cooking something simple, like ordinary breakfast. They want to make elaborate meals that would please their families. They feel the pressure more than anybody else, and they sleep also less.

This lack of sleep can have some serious consequences on the body and the mind when one is at work. We find it hard to concentrate. We are on the edge because we lack both sleep and food. Therefore a little thing can set us off. In the city, people are at their worst when it is rush hour as everyone tries to get home before dark. At 4:30 pm already there is a huge traffic. One can get stuck in a traffic jam for 45 minutes. It is nice when you are sitting in an air conditioned car, but when you are standing in an overcrowded bus with no air, that still has a long way to go before you arrive at your destination, your nerves are tensed. It is the time you often witness people raise voices at strangers, swear at each other and even fight. They lack the endurance to bear it all, which is the meaning of Ramadan itself.

Blouse and top set - old from my Mom that I altered
Golden mules - HLM market
Golden scarf - Pune, India
The only area I have seen booming is at the markets, especially during the week end. Women, who enjoy the fact that they do not have to cook lunch, go shopping. Granted no one is there in the wee hours of the morning, but from midday till late, people are shopping for goodies they will eat later, fabrics and accessories to get ready not only for Ramadan but for Eid. For some reason or another, Senegalese people think that during Ramadan, they should dress in traditional attire. It is somewhat due to the fact that traditional clothes are considered modest. Women and men alike would rival in wearing their best casual traditional attire to the office but also to visit family and friends during that time. I have nothing against it. Actually I am all for it. My only issue is that some of the modern Senegalese attire is not modest at all from over the shoulder tight fitted dresses to sheer lacy peplum tops, those outfits can be quite sexy. To me, the whole purpose of Ramadan is then lost.

As for myself, I do lack the sleep because I usually do not sleep much anyway. I am hungry and cranky but I try to do my best not to explode. I usually avoid going to markets except for food. Every year I used to have this policy that I would not enjoy shopping during the Holy month. But this year I broke that rule because I have decided to get my Eid outfit ready early on instead of waiting at the last minute. The previous years when I got to celebrate it at home, I was lucky enough to be gifted one dress. But since I can afford one this year, I already have it made by my tailor. I also went crazy and bought several shoes, particularly mules for my traditional outfits (for some reasons traditional outfits work best with mules in Senegal).Going at the market where you find sparkly and shiny new things is beyond tempting but I am stopping myself now. Or maybe I need a new necklace or two… (GOD save me!!!)

Anyway, if you are Muslim like me, I wish you a pious and joyful Eid. May your prayers be accepted, your Duas answered. Ameen

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