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So long 2016!

2016 is coming to an end.

 For once, I could not wait for the year to end. 2016 was a hard year for me, a year of change. It started all bright and happy but by March, it all went downhill. We were forced to move back home. We had to live in a country we have not called home for more than 18 years. Our life was unstable and filled with uncertainties. Every day was a struggle to re adapt to the culture and way of life in Senegal. It was hard and stressful. There were days I felt like going home only to be reminded that this was now my new and only home. There were weeks I cried at the drop of a hat. There were nights I contemplated suicide or running away. If I had been a celebrity with millions in my bank account, I would have checked myself into a facility due to exhaustion. But I did not have that luxury. Besides, it is not about the physical exhaustion. That kind, you get over it by taking a nap. It is the mental exhaustion that takes a toll on you. You end up wandering if you are sane or just going mad .

Thankfully for me, I had a rock to hang on to: my FAMILY.

Scarf - M.G. road
Striped blazer - Gossip
Peplum top - so old, Walmart
Jeans - gift
Shoes - Forever21
Bag - Carrefour Dubai
Earrings - gift 
Studded Necklace - Clover Center 

 For years I lived away from my parents. When things got bad, which they did sometimes I would either call them and have them worry or prefer to not say anything and stay strong. As year passed, I stopped worrying them with my troubles because after all they were so far away. What could they do? But now that I am here, I rely heavily on them for anything. And they spoil me. For example, I would call my Dad asking him where he bought that yummy fish I ate at his place, and the next day he would deliver me fresh ones he got at the market early in the morning. My Mom would ask me what things I needed for my new house and get it all for me, even things I pretended having just to avoid her the burden. And my brothers are the shoulders I cry on, and the ears I rant about. They also always tell m the truth whether I want to hear it or not. It is to my family I run to after a bad interview, or a fight with the hubby. I do not even tell them that something is wrong but their presence heals me and gives m the strength I need to move on. Sometimes I even wonder how I could have lived without them. They spoil my children rotten and respect and appreciate my husband. And it is not only them, it is also the extended family: the in laws, the aunts and uncles, the cousins, the grandparents, the friends, everyone is extremely supportive.

Isn't this normal you may ask? Yes, it should be normal. Yet, I have lost that notion because for many years, I used to be on my own . Well, actually I had my husband and my two kids and no one else to rely on except from really good people I met abroad. Moreover, it is not always the case to have a supportive family. I know some folks with family that put them down instead of lifting them up. All the more reason for me not to take my family and my friends for granted. I just pray that God gives a long and healthy life to my parents. I need them around me for as long as eternity. And I pray God to give a successful and happy and long life to my brothers. I pray God to give them good wives and great kids that I will spoil in return. I pray God to give me the means to pay them back and make them all proud.I pray also for my extended family and for my friends, those I see and those I have not seen in years. I pray for you, who read me and enjoy my blog. I may not know you all but you are appreciated.   It is what I wish for 2017 and all the years that follow.

Happy new year!


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