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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wrapped Burrito

I may have mentioned it once or twice on the blog before but my mother in law is a designer. She designs and sells clothes. It is at a small scale right now but she hopes to grow. One of the advantage of having a fashion designer in the family is free ( or almost  free) clothes. Every time we come on vacations, the entire family get to sample her latest design. It is usually ethnic wear therefore we get to showcase them for religious or family events.

Recently, I was given yet another garb. It was a salmon pink linen tunic dress with orange accents and white embroidery at the collar and waist. The dress was a bit long and large but I did like the fabric and the simple design. However I gave it to her tailor to alter it a bit. What came out of his machine was this:

Scarf - Dmart
Tunic - gift
Leggings - M.G. road
Shoes - Westside
Ring - M.G. road

Truth be told, I am not happy that the tailor shorten the length and tighten the dress. However I have to admit that I did ask for it. But I just wanted it altered a bit. As a result now the dress is tight. Too tight for my taste. You know, I am a not a fan of tight outfits. I like my clothes oversized.

Despite all of that, I have to admit that the tunic is growing on me, never mind that it is actually unflattering at the waist ( I just need to lose some baby fat). And the look my husband gave me once I wore it made me like it even more. He even said that I looked like a wrapped burrito but in a good way. (Whatever that is!). I think if I lose a few inches around the waist, I might give the fitted dress trend a try.

What do you think?

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