Cowaf Dakar Restaurant Week

Dakar is a wonderful city; on any given day, there are many events taking place. During the month of Febraury, there was the Dakar Restaurant Week organized by a group called "Cooking with Aziz and Friends". I talked about it in a post about Valentine's day. But to recap, the deal is to try restaurants in the city of Dakar for a week at a affordable price. Several restaurants offering different cuisines participated. You could opt for lunch or diner, but the best part is that you had a complete course with starters, entrees and desert plus a drink. Before the event, I had made up my mind to try places I never go to, avoiding the ones that are easily accessible to me. Yet, I ended up at places that were completly not on my radar. 

Red Scarf - gift
Black shawl - borrowed from my Mother
Bubu - Zadada
Sandals - thrifted
Bag (pictured below) - Minawa

First, I tried this sushi restaurant in the city called Osushi Bar Dakar. It was not actually the first time trying their food as my brother had ordered from there before. But I wanted to go to the restaurant to please the kids who love sushi so much. We went for lunch but we arrived minutes before they were to close. They were gracious enough to let us come in. We ordered almost the same food expect for a few things. The boys had the shrimp balls for starters along with the sashimi and rolls, and I had the Kani salad.

My plate 

 They had the tempura for entrees and I had the yakitori with rice. But we did try each other's food so we were all satisfied. The sushi was good, althgough I could not really feel the Kani (crab) in my salad. It felt more like a cucumber salad. My chicken yakotiri was sweet and nice, but the tempura shirmp was clearly the best. As desert we had cripsy rolls of banana and nutella, light and sweet. The meal was pleasant enough but I did regret going in there late. We did not have enough time to really enjoy ourselves. 

The boys in front of their plates.

Dynamite shrimp balls, salmon sushi, shrimp sushi, chicken crispy california roll, mayo tempura shrimp california roll, prawn tempura

Crispy nutella banana rolls 

The last day of the Restaurant Week, I took a friend out to eat. We had been planning to go out since 2021, and could never find the proper time. We decided to try La Pointe des Almadies, a restaurant that is famous for its brunch and paella. I ordered the Cowaf menu, but my friend had to try the paella. I had as a starters an asian beef salad, which was light and savory. Then I had some chicken noodles filled with vegetables. It did not have enough kick so I added lemon and red chili pepper that was given to my friend for her paella. Truth be told, I had better Asian cuisine but I appreciated the effort. My friend's paella was delicious though and filled with seafood. We shared our food and although we finished it, we could barely eat our respective desert: french toast for her and chocolate cake for me. I asked for my cake to be put in a doggie bag and we munched on the french toast. The later was sweet, and still hot depsite the vanilla ice cream melting on top. I could not stop myself from eating it. In the end, we ordered some senegalese tea called "Attaya" as a digestive. I had a wonderful time with my friend. 

Thai beef salad

Vegetables and chicken noodle wok

The Paella

The Opera chocolate cake

French toast

My friend and I

I was pretty satisfied with my restaurant choices for this event. I really would have loved to try everything but I am not made of money. The meals cost 9000 FCFA for lunch and 15,000 FCFA for diner. And trying 17 restaurants in a week is a herculian task. I have the feeling that the event was succesful judging by the amount of stories I have seen on Instagram. I just hope that there will be a second edition. And that it will last at least an entire month. The other thing I would have liked is more restaurants serving either local or at least African cuisine. Yet as an event, I give it a two thumbs up! 


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